SHore to SHore Quick Look

August 18th 2012

Wetsuit Legal :                     Yes

Water Temp :                        67 Historically         CURRENT TEMP

Saturday Start Time :        7:00 AM

Olympic, Sprint, Duathlon, & Aquabike


5:00am         Transition opens                     

6:30am         Transition closes

6:45am         Mandatory announcements on beach

7:00am         Race starts - SPRINT Wave 1, following waves in 3 min intervals

~~~RACE details / Logistics ~~~       VERY important!!!

In order to have a smooth race we will need you to pay CLOSE attention to the following instructions!!!

You MUST have a valid passport, enhanced drivers license, or nexus card to participate in this race.  A form of ID that can get you across the border in any other situation will be satisfactory to participate in The Shore to Shore Triathlon.

We will have a Buffalo Police officer at T1 to check in and gather government documents that participants do not want leave in T1 bags or take with them on the bike.  That same officer will check out documents in Canada based on bib number and matching signature that the person checked them in with.

2 Clear bags will be given to all participants at packet pickup on Friday.  In one bag will be a sheet of paper that will need to be filled out with the exact contents and value of the bag.  (This is required by Canadian Customs)  This bag will need to have everything you will need for your transition from Bike to Run (T2) ie. running sneakers, socks... 

You will also receive 2 stickers with your bib #.  You must affix one sticker to each bag.   This will identify bags and connect them to their owners.  You will then need to turn in T2 bag (running things) and content/value sheet filled out, to the staff at packet pickup in order for us to get it to your bike position in Canada for the morning. 

The second sticker needs to be put on the other provided clear bag that you must put your swim transition (T1) belongings in.  This bag YOU will need to place at your designated bike position (your bib #) in T1 on race morning.  When you are finished with your swim, place all items in this bag that has your bib number sticker already affixed.  We will then transport those bags through customs for you to pick up at T2 after the race.  Only athletes with matching bib numbers will be able to pick up bags in Canada.

Once finished with the bike portion of the race, you will need to find your bib # in T2.  Numbers will be in chronological order and marked with tall signs for easy readability when entering transition in a hurry.  Go to your bib numbered bike position, rack your bike and you will find your clear bag with your running gear that was checked on Friday at packet pickup.  After the race there will be T1 items (swim things) pickup close to T2 transition.  

To Clarify:  Bring ALL T2 (bike to run) transition gear and Passport or Nexus card to packet pickup on Friday.  Everything will be done there.  Please allow enough time.


There are TWO ways to retrieve swim portion items.

  1. Leave items in the provided clear drawstring bag (given at packet pickup) at your pre-assigned bike position (your race number) in T1.  Those items will then be brought to a pick up point at T2 (in Canada) for you to retrieve.  The ONLY way for you to retrieve these items is to show your AFFIXED body tattoo number that will match your clear drawstring bag number which you left at T1 containing your belongings after your swim. 
  2. Written permission to allow family members to pick up directly from (T1) Gallagher Beach transition.  To expedite packet pick up, please fill out and bring form to packet pickup.  Persons picking up items MUST show photo ID described in following form and then sign your items out at T1.  DOWNLOAD & PRINT

Will there be shuttles back to T1 to retrieve vehicles?

There WILL BE shuttles to take athletes back to T1.   Transportation of bikes may be limited and could take longer than desirable.  When possible, please try to arrange other means for transportation for your bike as racking for bikes will be limited and not standard in it's methods.  This information is not to discourage use of shuttles, but more for full information that border crossing with multiple people and bikes might not be as fast as traveling in personal cars.  We encourage you to use which ever method will be satisfactory to you.  As you may assume, we cannot control how the border patrol handles vehicles.


Race Start Venue :

Gallagher Beach 

1111 Fuhrmann Blvd., Buffalo, NY  map

Race finish Venue :

Old Fort Erie

350 Lakeshore Rd. Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada (905) 871-0540

Driving Directions

From Buffalo, New York Enter Canada across the Peace Bridge. After passing through Customs and the toll booths, take an immediate right to Central Ave. Turn right onto Central Ave and follow Central Ave. toward Lake Erie. Turn right on Lakeshore Road then follow the road a short distance to Old Fort Erie.

From Niagara Falls/St. Catharines/Toronto Follow the QEW south toward Fort Erie. Take the Central Ave. exit. Turn right onto Central Ave. Follow Central Ave. south toward the Niagara River. Turn right then follow the road for a short distance to Old Fort Erie.





  • Bike Course:  No bottle exchange is available. Please bring enough water on your bike.
  • Run Course:  Every 1.5 miles. Gatorade and water.


  • There will be medical tents at the transition areas for medical concerns. Sag wagons will be patrolling the course for injured athletes, and will call for help.



***If not already a USAT or Triathlon Ontario member, Athletes MUST purchase a one day insurance membership to either USAT or Triathlon Ontario to race.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

More info on USAT membership or Triathlon Ontario membership



Entry Fees


Event Distances

By 3/4/12
After 3/19/12

Sprint Triathlon

750 m Swim

20 km Bike

5 km Run



Olympic Triathlon

1.5 km Swim

40 km Bike

10 km run




2 mile Run

20 km Bike

5 km Run



Olympic Aquabike

1.5 km Swim

40 km Bike



Sprint Relay



Olympic Relay



***Adult prices Do NOT include USAT or Triathlon Ontario One-Day Membership Fee.


We at Eclipse Multi-Sport understand that life happens, even when you plan otherwise.  We plan for our races according to the number of preregistered athletes, so unfortunately refunds will not be honored. We hope you understand that we make commitments to organizations that we donate to based on registrations and need to honor those commitments. 


***Athletes MUST be USAT member to race.  Annual or one day member.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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