Community Initiatives

This company was founded on the notion that we will always give back to the community that gave to us. The organizations, parks, bodies of water, and roads that we compete on, all take money to keep looking beautiful, functional, and usable. We at Eclipse Multi-Sport, believe that it is our duty to give back to maintain the resources that we use every day.

When signing up for one of our races, you join us in that belief that we should always give back to ones that need us most. Applying this belief, a portion of your race fee goes back to the community in which you are competing.


Eclipse Multi-Sport has donated over $25,000 to the following organizations

Bishop Timon
St. Jude High School
Orchard Park Recreation Dept.
Village of Wilson
East Aurora Cross Country Team
Fish of East Aurora

Buffalo Underwater Recovery Team
Patrick Kaleta Foundation

Cazenovia Pee-Wee Minor Hockey

Niagara Frontier Search and Resuce

Buffalo Olmstead Parks

Buffalo Triathlon Club

TR Gardner Memorial Fund
Lindsay Matthews Foundation
United Irish American Association
St. Patrick's Day Parade
Ellicottville Ski Team
Special Olympics
... And Many More

Eclipse Multi-sport is proud to partner with Odds 2 Beat 

Today's Youth ~  Tomorrow's Athlete



A little about ODDS 2 BEAT ~ see website for more details

Odds 2 Beat mission is to create awareness amongst youth and develop an understanding of what their odds are. Odds 2 Beat is about more than just overcoming odds and negative statistics, but to be strategic in becoming successful through aggressive decisiveness, open-mindedness, dialogue, team work, and an understanding that success cannot be accomplished without adversity.

Odds 2 Beat was developed after becoming aware of the disconnect between the youth of today and the ability to become successful in more than just athletics. Odds 2 Beat uses athletics, specifically the sport of basketball to reach the youth, developing skill sets and setting them up to be successful in the sport while also developing the understanding within the youth that athletics is a tool. A tool that they can not only learn from, but a tool that they can use and apply to their life to get them in places they wouldn't have imagined. Athletics has no barriers. There are no boundaries, and if used correctly, can propel them into healthy, success filled lives infusing tomorrows generation with life!

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